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Tournament Sponsors






The individual Texas Ford Dealers have come together to show their combined support for the CCA Texas and its members. We salute your efforts, and we take deep pleasure in offering our trucks as the grand prizes in the Texas Ford Dealers Redfish Division.
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Tilson Home Corporation, a family owned and operated Texas “built on your lot” homebuilder is proud to be a sponsor of CCA. We take pride in being a part of the great work CCA does for Texas.
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Academy is proud to be a sponsor of CCA Texas,and we applaud their efforts in protecting and improving our fisheries. Working together, we can ensure quality fishing for future generations through conservation, environmental responsibility and sportsmanship.
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Mercury has enriched the fishing experience for thousands of recreational fishermen. We at Mercury, on behalf of our dealers, are proud to support the top tournament in Texas
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Whataburger salutes the volunteers and membership of CCA Texas for their genuine commitment to our delicate marine resources. Together, our partnership can assure the integrity of our precious saltwater ecosystem for generations to come.
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Mustang Cat is pleased to support CCA Texas. As a family-owned, Texas-based company, we are thankful for the work done by CCA Texas to preserve the marine resources in the region we are proud to call home.

Kryptex is honored to join the mission of CCA Texas STAR’s mission in conserving our natural resources and wild places for future generations so that they may continue to share the same joys and experiences that make risking everything worth it, whether here or abroad.

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J C Custom Boats (Haynie Boats) proudly supports CCA and their efforts to conserve, promote, and enhance our coastal resources. We extend our greatest thanks to all members and affiliates!
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Shoalwater appreciates the important role CCA Texas plays in conserving the vitality of our saltwater marine resource. We will all benefit from their passionate determination for years to come, and are honored to be a part of the team!
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We sincerely value the communties we serve and CCA Texas has done a remarkable job of enhancing our marine fisheries. We salute the volunteers and members for committing their time, talent, and treasure to the future vitality of these precious resources. As a Texas-based brand, we know well the importance of our great outdoors to our customers and are honored to be a partner in the mission.
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Hoffpauir Polaris appreciates the conservation mission of CCA Texas and its volunteers. We support most every outfit who invests their time and treasure into the resources of this great state. It is Texas sportsmen, our customers, who do the work—and we are proud to stand with the CCA brand.
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Dargel Boats is honored to work with CCA and the many volunteers that make it the success it is, we appreciate the dedication and determination that each and every member puts forth at enhancing our coastal resources and insuring that future generations can enjoy them as much as we do.
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Tran Sport is proud to be a sponsor with the other Texas boat builders to support the efforts of the CCA in all their endeavors to conserve and enhance all of our coastal resources and help make it possible for our youth to enjoy the fishing opportunities that our generation did.
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Texas Fish & Game Magazine, “The Authority on Texas’ Great Outdoors,” is the largest outdoor magazine in Texas and the second largest regional outdoor magazine in the county. Texas Fish & Game is Texas family owned and operated. For the past 25 years, we have made it our mission not only to promote all the Texas great outdoors has to offer but also stress the importance of environmental conservation.
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