STAR Platinum-Previous Years

Please call 713-626-4222 for information or to order the prints below…
We have a limited amount of the previous years prints, but they are not available for purchase online.

The cost for the prints below is $100 and there is no CCA membership or STAR entry included.

2011 Series I “STAR Reds”
by David Drinkard


2012 Series II
“STAR Sighting”
by David Drinkard

STAR Sighting_ 2012 Platinum Series

2013 Series III
“School is in Session”
by David Drinkard


2014 Series IV “Working the Spoils”
by David Drinkard


2015 Series V “Split Screen
by David Drinkard

SplitScreenlgrformat286117 02

2016 Series VI “King Ranch Shoreline
by David Drinkard


2016 Series VI “Good Morning Cedar Bayou
by Sam Caldwell


2017 Series VII “It’s On
by David Drinkard

2017 Series VII “Scholarship on the Line
by Sam Caldwell

2018 Series VIII “Until We Meet Again
by Sam Caldwell

 2019 Series IX”Texas Red”