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Unlike many charities that are directed by staff, CCA is committee-driven, and our volunteers’ efforts are channeled through the CCA State Board to accomplish our various goals. This ability to harness the grassroots of the community has empowered substantial projects in behalf of our precious marine resources.

CCA currently has 59 chapters representing Texas communities that care about the future vitality of our marine environment. Some have likened our kinship to a sense of brotherhood. Indeed, we all (mom, dad, and the kids) share the desire for the best fisheries we can get. And it works — right now one out of every four or five redfish caught in Texas waters is coming from CCA-built hatcheries!

We welcome you to join us if you can. All chapters meet regularly for functions that include general membership get-togethers, fundraising banquets, and even take-a-kid-fishing events. Whether a crawfish boil, barbeque or chapter fishing trip — please join us! We can use your help by serving on a chapter board, spearheading a project or just your input in directing our mission.

  • Pictured above are the dedicated CCA volunteers from the Port Mansfield area cleaning up the Port Mansfield East Cut & Beach…


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