The Tournament

  1. Can I fish without my current membership card?
    Yes. If you are entered into the current year’s tournament and your CCA membership is current, you are eligible to fish the tournament and do not have to show your card to weigh in a fish.  We are happy to verify your eligibility in the STAR office.  No weigh station will require proof of your entry at the time of weigh in.
  2. Is my STAR entry valid by just entering the tournament?
    No. You must join CCA Texas or be a current member of CCA Texas to fish the tournament.  It is the entrant’s responsibility to make sure that their membership is current throughout the tournament.
  3. Can I win in more than one category?
    No.  When you fill out the weigh-in form, you must declare what category (Star Kid, Star-Teen or Regular) you are entering.  In the case of the Speckled Trout Division, there are 3 categories:  Upper Coast, Middle Coast & Lower Coast. You must declare the area of your catch.
  4. What is the age eligible to fish the tournament?
    The only age requirement is that a STAR Kid must be at least 6 years old sometime during the year of the tournament.  And if a teen is 17 when they Enter, they are eligible even if they turn 18 during the tournament.
  5. Can I help my younger children?
    Yes. You can bait and cast, but the child must hook & reel in the catch. The adult can then help net the fish at the boat or shore.
  6. If someone in my immediate family has won previously, can I enter the tournament?
    Any winner and immediate family that live at the same address cannot enter/win the tournament for 3 years or 6 years if participant has won once before.
  7. If I have received money for guiding can I enter the tournament?
    No. Only members who are not guides or commercial fisherman according to the STAR Tournament rules are eligible to fish the tournament. Persons who presently or during the three (3) years prior to the beginning of the Tournament have acted as fishing guides, commercial fisherman, commercial finfisherman, bay shrimpers, bait shrimpers, gulf shrimpers, bait shrimp dealers as those terms are defined by Chapters 47 and 77 of the Parks and Wildlife code, or who have held licenses issued pursuant to those chapters or pursuant to any federal law are not eligible.  The nominal sharing of expenses by participants is not considered operating a boat for compensation (guiding).
  8. Can my child win more than one scholarship in their lifetime?
    No. We want to share the opportunity with as many kids as possible, but if they catch a fish that would be eligible in the regular divisions they may enter it there. (All weight limits must be met for the Regular Divisions)
  9. Do I have to have a Texas Fishing License?
    Yes. We require that you follow all rules and regulations of the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department. The number is required on the weigh in form.  NOTE:  If you are 17 or older, you must have a fishing license to be in compliance with Texas Parks and Wildlife Rules and Regulations.
  10. Do I have to have my Texas Fishing License with me?
    TP&W requires that you have a recreational fishing license to fish in Texas waters if you are 17 or older. We do recommend that you have it, but you can call 800-626-4222 within 3 days to complete your weigh-in form information.
  11. Where do I weigh in my fish?
    You can weigh in within 24 hours at any of our official stations along the entire coast of Texas.
  12. Is there a time limit to weigh in the fish?
    Yes. Your fish must be weighed in within 24 hours of the catch. This is noted on your official weigh-in form and is verified by polygraph.
  13. What do I do if I catch a tagged redfish?
    Make sure that you do not remove the tag.  Only a tagged redfish can be turned in gutted, but the tag must remain attached.  Head for the nearest weigh station to turn it in and fill out a weigh-in form.  The weigh station will retain the fish.  Call the CCA STAR office 713-626-4222 and arrangements will be made for a polygraph.
  14. What condition of my fish is acceptable for weigh-in?
    Your fish cannot be frozen, spoiled, gutted, altered or mutilated, (only tagged redfish can be gutted).
  15. What if my child catches a tagged red?
    All ages are eligible, but ages 15 and under will receive a scholarship in lieu of the truck, along with the boat package.
  16. If I work for a STAR Tournament sponsor am I eligible to fish?
    Yes. Only salaried employees of CCA are ineligible to fish.
  17. What is the deadline for the Early Bird Prize?
    You must be a current member and entered into the STAR Tournament by midnight on April 28, 2017.
  18. When is the Early Bird Prize Drawing held?
    It will be held sometime after the tournament ends and the winners will be notified by phone and/or email/mail.  The winner of the boat package will be notified and asked to pick up their prize at the October CCA Barbeque/Awards Banquet.
  19. Who can win the Early Bird Drawing top prize?
    Anyone 21 or over who entered the tournament before midnight April 28th.
  20. What is the Early Bird Drawing?
    We encourage members to enter the tournament early and offer a chance for a top prize of a boat/trailer package to all (over 21) who do so by midnight the day before the tournament begins.  There are also runner up prizes and everyone is eligible to win.


  1. Where can I sign up?
    At all Academy locations, Ticket Stations & Weigh Stations (locations available in our brochure or at www.startournament.org  online.
  2. Will I receive a receipt?
    The only receipt is your Instant Entry Registration (yellow copy) from Academy or Weigh/Ticket Stations. If you sign up online you will receive confirmation by e-mail.  If you enter through the mail or on the phone there is no receipt.
  3. What if I don’t receive an email confirmation?
    Perhaps your SPAM blocker has put your e-mail into the junk or bulk mail folder of your provider. If you do not find it there, you can call 713-626-4234 and ask to speak to someone in Membership.
  4. When will I receive my membership card?
    It can take up to 6 weeks to receive your card due to slow non-profit mail delivery. NOTE:  You do not have to have your card to fish, weigh-in or win the tournament.
  5. Do I have to be a member of CCA to fish the tournament?
    Yes. You must be a current CCA Texas member, throughout the tournament, in order to be eligible to fish the tournament.

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